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About Us

Our logo


In homage to Pride history, our logo uses the eleven colours of the Progress Pride Flag, mirroring each colour's meaning: red to signify life, orange to signify healing, yellow to signify new ideas and thoughts, green to signify prosperity, blue to signify serenity, violet to signify spirit, black and brown to represent Black, Indigenous and People of colour, and white, blue and pink to represent the Trans community.  


The green border of our logo represents our home, Armstrong and Spallumcheen Valley, and is emblematic of its lush green fields.  Our logo’s pinwheel shape depicts celebration, movement and change, with the convergence of all colours at a center point to symbolize the coming together of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, friends, allies and neighbours and the broader community of Armstrong and Spallumcheen. 

Who we are

Armstrong Pride is a registered, non-profit 2SLGBTQ+ organization based in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada in the heart of the beautiful Spallumcheen Valley.  


Our mission

As an organization our mission is to acknowledge, support, celebrate and reflect the diversity of our community and to advocate for human rights and social justice. 


Our values

Above all else, we value transparency, trust, inclusiveness, integrity, compassion and collaboration.


We believe

By creating opportunities for expression and sharing through art, music and community events, we recognize our diversity and create a more inclusive home to live, share and grow together.



Our Story


The Armstrong Pride Society formed under the initial goal of creating an Armstrong Pride Sidewalk for our city as a way to celebrate our 2SLGBTQ+ community and to honour the diversity of Armstrong Spallumcheen citizens. The Armstrong Pride Sidewalk is the first step to raising awareness and creating opportunities for expression by, and for, the 2SLGBTQ+ community. 

In June 2021, nearly 400 signatures were collected within and around the community in support of the Sidewalk, a figure representing nearly ten percent of the population of Armstrong. The signatures and a proposal were presented to Armstrong City Council in July 2021 and, following a few weeks of research, Council voted unanimously to support its installation.


Armstrong Pride is mindful of the symbolism a Pride Sidewalk can have, particularly for the young people in our community. We believe that our Armstrong Pride Sidewalk will go a long way to ensuring all our citizens feel they are supported, loved and, most of all, safe.

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